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What are the rules of the qualification accounts? What sets you apart from other funding companies?

Our rules

1) You must trade at least 10 days.

2) You must avoid hitting or dropping below the trailing minimum account balance (active or end-of-day).

3) You must trade intra-day only. Therefore, you must close all positions (and orders) one minute before a particular instrument closes. Having open positions one minute before the closing time will not disqualify your account since your positions will automatically be flattened, but we recommend monitoring and flattening all open positions on your own. Instruments’ closing times vary. Click here to see each instrument’s closing time.

4) For end-of-day drawdown plans, achieve a daily consistency rate of 40% or better.

5) For end-of-day drawdown plans, you must avoid hitting or dropping below the daily loss limit. Note, hitting the daily loss limit will not disqualify your account; it will merely prevent you from entering new trades for the remainder of that trading day.

Once you meet your profit goal and followed rules 1-3 (rules 1-5 for end-of-day plans), your daily consistency rate will determine your funded account activation fee.

Funded Template is seeking traders who strive to be consistently profitable in the paper trading environment. This means you must trade with a sound trading plan with reasonable money management. Funded Template reserves the right to deny you any services or compensations if you do not follow these general criteria or if you attempt to abuse Funded Template’s services. This includes, but is not limited to, achieving a few large windfalls with max available contract sizes and then trading 1 micro contract for the rest of the qualification or funded account payout period.

Other features that set us apart

1) No limitations on what type of strategy you use. However, if you are not already consistently profitable with your own strategy, we highly encourage you to check out our educational section.

2) No limitations on scaling. You can trade your max contract limit from the start. We want you to use your own discretion.

3) No limitations on trading during the news or holidays. Once again, we want you to use your own discretion.

4) No weekly loss limits.

5) If you attempt to trade over your max contract limit, your order will merely be rejected rather than your account be disqualified.