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How do I connect Rithmic’s R | Trader Pro and NinjaTrader 8?

1) Download and install “R | Trader Pro” from this link:

2) “R | Trader Pro” needs to be opened in two instances, one “host” and one “client”.

a) For the first instance, enter the same settings as in the picture below. For the gateway, choose the location closest to you. For US users, choose Chicago area.


The very first time you log in with your Rithmic user ID in “R | Trader Pro” you have to agree to the two terms of use and disclosures. Your user won’t be activated until you have done this. You can find your Rithmic user ID in your qualification account setup email or via the user dashboard (

After you have logged in, you should now see the following window, this is your host. Don’t open any functions in this window. If you have any open functions, please close them so the window looks like below.


b) For the second instance of “R | Trader Pro” the following settings should be chosen. Note the different settings in blue.


After you have logged in to the second instance, you should see the following window, this is your client.

3) If you haven’t already, download and install NinjaTrader from this link:

a) Open NinjaTrader. In the Control Center, click on the Help tab in the upper right and choose License Key. Replace the default SIM license key with the one we have provided you in the qualification account setup email. This step is not required if you already have your own license key.

b) Next, click on the Connections tab and choose configure. In the Available connections, in the upper left, scroll down and select “Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage” and click add.

Fill in the fields as seen in the picture below. For the connection name, you can choose whatever you like. Make sure to leave “Connect on start up” UN-CHECKED and “Plug-in mode for market data” CHECKED. For “system”, choose the “Rithmic Paper Trading” option closest to you. For US users, choose “Rithmic Paper Trading (Chicago)”. If you would like to avoid reentering your password every time you connect to NinjaTrader, make sure “Ask password on connect” is UN-CHECKED. When complete, click “OK”.

c) Before using this new connection, close and re-open NinjaTrader. Finally, click on the Connections tab and choose your new connection. You should now be connected to your Rithmic accounts. Remember, both instances of R | Trader Pro should be open before connecting in NinjaTrader and should be kept open throughout your session.

d) In NinjaTrader, if not done already, make sure to un-check “Global Simulation Mode” under the Tools menu in the Control Center. And then select the account you want to trade in NinjaTrader Chart trader as per the below picture.

Here are some additional video guides for setting up NinjaTrader: