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What times of the day can I trade?

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You can trade during the open hours of any instrument. Please be aware though, that all positions will be automatically flattened one minute before the closing time of each instrument. Sometimes, the closing times for certain instruments change, and it is your responsibility to monitor this. Most instruments reopen each day at 6:00 PM EST (agricultural products re-open at 9:30 AM EST), at which point, you can begin trading again.

Having open positions one minute before the closing time will not disqualify your account, but we recommend monitoring and flattening all open positions accordingly.

If you try to open a position during closed trading hours, your order will merely be rejected, but you will not be disqualified.

Reminder: Most markets close early on certain holidays. It is your responsibility to monitor this and always close your orders and positions one minute before each instrument closes. See this link from CME as a guide for holiday hours: